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Aircraft deicing equipment : Polar Aircraft Deicer presents its new models

Polar Aircraft Deicer provides FBOs, small and medium airports, airport ground handlers and regional operators with Aircraft deicing equipment that meet the highest standards in deicing design and technology. We are also working on new aircraft deicer models that will meet the changing needs of the industry and climate change.

ARCTIC FOX model - Aircraft deicing equipment

Aircraft deicing equipment towable : ARCTIC FOX for all conditions at affordable costs

Our ARCTIC FOX aircraft deicing unit is affordable, versatile (due to its articulated aerial lift), and is equipped with stainless steel tanks. In addition to being towable with all airport vehicles and pickup-type vehicles, the ARCTIC FOX’s low operating costs make it a unique choice for smaller airports and FBOs.

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CARIBOU Aircraft Deicing truck of Polar Aircraft Deicer

Aircraft deicing equipment self-propelled : the CARIBOU, single man and self-propelled

CARIBOU is the deicing truck par excellence. Equipped with a Hatz 75hp diesel engine, 2 x 4 and 4 x 4 power train system and RHL37 aerial lift ladder allowing the operator a working height of 34 feet. It is specially design for FBOs, small and medium-sized airports, airport handlers and regional operators.

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ARCTIC FOX model - Aircraft deicing equipment

Our ARCTIC WOLF deicing truck is simple and effective in handling A320, B737, Dash-8, and smaller-size aircraft

Our ARCTIC WOLF aircraft deicing truck is simple to use, versatile (thanks to its aerial lift), and equipped with stainless steel tanks. It has an innovative design, is easy to maintain, and offers you next-level performance.

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Arctic Cub model - Polar Aircraft Deicer

The ARCTIC CUB deicing unit is our latest deicing model designed for the under-wing of aircraft

Our ARCTIC CUB aircraft deicing equipment adapts to any standard truck (pick-up type), is unique on the market, and is very affordable. The unit has 1000 liters of type 1. The Arctic Cub specializes in deicing under the wings of aircraft and propellers.


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100% Canada - Polar Aircraft Deicer Website

All our deicing units are 100% designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

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Methods of purchasing our deicing units (truck and trailer).

Contact us to find out how to purchase your de-icing equipment. Several options are available according to your operational needs.