Our autonomous aircraft deicing truck The CARIBOU

is entirely autonomous deicing unit
reliable and efficient.

The CARIBOU aircraft deicing truck is designed for FBO’s, small and medium-sized airports, ground handlers and regional aircraft operators.

Polar Aircraft Deicer’s goal is to provide autonomous aircraft deicing truck and equipment specially designed to meet the various constraints of small aircraft operators. Ground handlers and offer new deicing solutions and alternatives for small and medium-sized airports worldwide.

The CARIBOU aircraft deicing truck has been designed for the following aircraft categories: B737, A-320, CRJ, Dash-8, ATR-42, B1900, PC-12, King Air and other aircrafts model. 



Hatz 75HP diesel engine, mounted on a pivot for easy maintenance and servicing of the unit



Hydraulic transmission system (2×4, 4×4) with 3 speed modes, 2, 5, and 12 km/h

Aerial lift RH37

With telescopic boom and 34 feet working height



360-degree rotating boom


2 Beckett burners

Capable of 2M BTUs to heat the deicing fluid up to 180°F


Stand-by mode

Allows the deicing fluid to be maintained at a temperature of 110° F without damaging the type 1 fluid


Deicing fluid - Tank capacity

Capacity of 528 gallons (2000 liters) of type 1 fluid, insulated stainless steel tank


Anti-icing - Tank capacity

Capacity of 264 gallons (1000 liters) of anti-icing fluid, tank built with stainless steel


Self-pumping system

For deicing and anti-icing fluids


Remote communication system

available in an option to start the Caribou burners in Stand-by mode

You will love the unique qualities of the Caribou, our autonomous aircraft deicing truck

  • The CARIBOU is single person operated

  • Heavy Duty frame designed for all types of winter conditions
  • The driving control of the CARIBOU is reversible to facilitate a safe aircraft approach and to allow a greater reach during de/anti-icing operations.
  • A Remote communication system is available in an option to start the Caribou burners in Stand-by mode.

3 ways to obtain our deicing equipment

Purchase, rental or rental purchase

Contact us to find out how to purchase your deicing equipment. Several options are available according to your operational needs.